The Tarot Experience with Jo Paz -  Tarot Reader & Astrologer
Jo is  a qualified Astrologer and the
services she  provides are listed below;
Your Personal Birth Chart
These are the details that are required
  •   Your date of birth                                      
  •    Place of birth
  •    Time of birth ( not strtictly necessary)
This is a beautifully presented multi-paged personality profile which will surprise you with it's accuracy and insight
Your Baby's Chart
Have you ever wondered what your child's personality will be? Help him/her with growing  pains by identifying their strengths and weaknesses and of course it's a wonderful gift for when they're older.
Makes a lovely christening gift.
Compatability Chart
Are you and your partner soulmates? What are your basic differences? Find out by having your synastry drawn up.
The required information is the same as listed above but for yourself and your partner
The price for all the above charts is £25. Because the chart is not computer generated please allow 2/3 weeks for completion.



You can also have a personal horoscope drawn up which is unique to you and based on your date and time of birth

               12 months forecast..........................£15
               2 year forecast.................................£20
           You can follow Jo on Twitter  @TarotExperience
SPECIAL OFFER - If you order a Personal Birth Chart, you can have a 12 month forecast for £5

Personal Birth Chart
Highly accurate personality profile
Price: £25.00
Personal Horoscope
12 months forecast
Price: £15.00
Personal Horoscope
2 year forecast
Price: £20.00
Personal Horoscope 12 month forecast
Special offer
Price: £5.00
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